a fever-birth

all through the night i moaned and thrashed,
wracked with fever dreams,
some song-graced
some maddening with portends,
writhing like a den of birthing snakes,
sweat pouring in rivulets down my body –
i knew for once what it was to be a watershed –
and when dawn broke so too did the fever.
i ate a slice of chocolate cake to celebrate
and like sunlight streamed out again into the freshness of the world,
admiring the dew-bedecked winter fodder
of the snorting ponies come to greet me,
a shy coyote in perfect tawny stealing just off stage their meadow.
How blessed to be reborn again from that Gorgon’s den,
each day,
into this glittering, sliming, foaling, never-ending palace of enchantment.

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